JINHUIJU---decorates your car and beautifies your life.An elegantly decorated car will make a noble life for you.The more you decorate your car, the more attention you pay to the quality of your life.More than 10 years of technology renovation, and efforts to improvement, we aim to make your cara beautiful home on the way.

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Choosing us-Six points

JINHUIJU Decorative with the good services, quality assured and professional technology team to dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer.


Laser cutting machine-Strong cutting process

Our factory introduction of advanced laser cutting machine, solve the problem of special-shaped stainless steel cutting, make the product incision is more smooth and perfect.


Laser cutting tube machine-Perfect for cutting

Laser cutting stainless steel pipe machine, the effective increase to open pipe efficiency,save more time and improve the cutting process and precision.


Large pipe bending machine-1:1 Original car bend Angle

Purchase the large pipe bending machine, make sure to produce the 1:1 original car exhaust system.


Plenty of punching equipment-Ensure production speed

Factory equipped with a variety of punching machine and hydraulic machines to meet the different size demand and the mass production.


500T Injection molding machine-Different product line

New 500T Injection molding machine,to increase our ability to manufacture big plastic parts, and satisfaction to customer’ outer decorative demand.


Safe specification installation line-The guarantee of quality

We have the standard assembly line, to make sure the safe production, and strictly control the quality of each product.

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JINHUIJU can provide to you with all the latest and useful consulting,more information can be viewed as below.

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  • 23AUG


    汽车尾喉,俗称排气管套。它是安装在原装排气尾端的部件。 汽车的排气管虽然是一个不太起眼的小小部件,但它的"面貌"却也影响着整个车的颜面。试想,如果一辆在...

  • 26JULY

    Automatic Production Age Of JHJ

    企业介绍 COMPANY PROFILE 金辉巨汽车装饰有限公司,一家专业生产改装排气管,排气装饰尾喉的汽车用品企业。自1994年创办以来,我们专注于排气产品的开发和生...

  • 02MAY

    Our TAOBAO store opened for business.

    GOLD HUIJUTAOBAO STORE HASOPENED!EXHAUST TIP,CONSOLE BOX,STEERING WHEEL COVER SERIES! Have everything that one expects to find Please click on the ...

  • 27JAN

    Aluminum Exhaust Tip

    尾 喉又叫汽车尾喉,它是安装在原装排气尾端的部件。 汽车消音器尾管装饰排气管尾喉,它除了能够防止汽车尾气管变形外,同时起到增压以及扰流作用,还可以在一定...

  • 18AUG

    A new cat back exhaust of Jeep Wrangler

    牧马人车型自诞生以来,就一直被作为全世界越野爱好者的终极向往,它象征着自由和激情,以及对更纯粹生活方式的理解和追求。 每一个拥有木马人的车主,都拥有...

  • 18MAR




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